Friday, March 09, 2007


Happy Friday :) (and Spring Break here!)

The other day while looking thru the new Pottery Barn website, I just fell in love with all of the natural combinations. So many new things in beautiful green, brown, natural, and white. When I was in the mall the other day, I went right to Pottery Barn to see it all in person. I seriously could have spent a fortune in there!

I'd been wanting to add some green to the living room, but couldn't find what I liked. And you know, as soon as you see something at Pottery Barn that you like...they'll have it at Target for cheaper! So the other day at Target I got some new pillows and then I picked up some inexpensive new curtains at Linens and Things. I love getting a semi-Pottery Barn look without the cost! Here are some photos of my new pillows (it helps that my couch is a neutral color!) and the curtains (sheer lace, moss green silk, and brown/red striped silk..already had those) :)

Now I'm itching to use these color combos on a layout or project. :)

I'm sick today with a fever and cough, so as soon as David gets home with dinner....I'm in bed with Nyquil.

Have a wonderful weekend!
- Jennifer

"God bless the good-natured, for they bless everybody else." - Henry Ward Beecher


meg said...

love the colors. so rich and simple. hope you feel better soon.

Sarah Kristiansen said...

Feel better! :)

Fatima said...

Hope you feel better soon!!! LOVE those pillows :)

Curly Sis :)

Jana said...

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. :-( On the bright side, I signed up for your class yesterday at 911!! I totally forgot that we're heading into baseball season though w/sat. games so I just pray things work out where I can come. Yikes! LOVE your new pillows.

Carla S. said...

Jennifer, I hope you get better soon! I wish I hadn't moved across the country too soon to take your class at 911!! :(

robyn said...

I do love those color combinations too! I can't wait to see how you use them in your creations! Anyway, take it easy and I hope you feel better soon!

jeanne said...

Hope you feel better soon!!!

Scrappersher said...

Glad you enjoyed your shopping and saving. Hope you are feeling better.

Lisa G said...

Hope you feel better Jen. Guess what I just got the other day, a Pottery Barn credit card :) I am so happy even though I will not use it, lol. I only pay cash for things I buy. I just tried for it and got it not thinkin I would :)

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