Friday, March 16, 2007


Just a little weekend fun and inspiration. :) Totally random stuff here!

On Saturday my Mom and I are going antiquing and I'm on the look out for items like those pictured on my blog today. I'm going to start setting up a table in my classes when I teach with lots of vintage containers and decor, holding some of the supplies like buttons, lace, glitter, etc. Can't wait to do that. :) These are just some of the photos and ideas that are inspiring me....

The photo above is vintage hobnail glasses. I LOVE these, especially the pink. Would love to find some in aqua and red.

My favorite scrap room....EVER. Rebecca Sower's room. Her room looks like all of my favorite boutiques and antique stores. I just want to go and look around for hours. :)

Little Birdie Calling Cards. Are these not precious? I found them on this website. I want these! (for classes, not for playground Moms, lol)

A gorgeous vintage paperboard cake stand with a tiny little outline of silver glass glitter. I want one of these and will have my radar on tomorrow. :)

Speaking of Rebecca Sower, this is a sweet little Easter collage vintage postcard that she had on her Etsy shop...and I bought one! That will be on my display table for sure, even if it's not Easter, lol.

I love these little vintage silver tinsel trees. I'd love to find one tomorrow!

I love these new 7 Gypsies oval scroll stamps! I ordered one yesterday.
I'll definitely have a bunch of these stamps for my classes to use.

I LOVE this layout by Gina! The striped ribbon around the photo is just fabulous and that blue is my favorite shade of blue. Very vintage-ish. :) Gina does gorgeous work!
(Hi, Gina!)

So, see....very random, but fun! These are all things that inspired me this week. I'm working on another new class....a Spring vintage-style Girl album for sisters, mothers/daughters, girlfriends, any of the fabulous females in your life. I want to use lots of paint, glitter, old buttons and lace, floral and vintage patterns... so it should be fun to work up!

Off to bed. Have a wonderful weekend!
- Jennifer

"I choose joy... I will invite my God to be the God of circumstance. I will refuse the temptation to be cynical... the tool of the lazy thinker. I will refuse to see people as anything less than human beings, created by God. I will refuse to see any problem as anything less than an opportunity to see God." - Max Lucado


Alexis said...

FABULOUS EYE CANDY!! Loving those business cards and the cake stand is gorgeous! Happy antique hunting!

scrapbook911 said...


I am so excited right just made my day, Jennifer!! Thanks for the HUGE compliment on my LO... how fun!!! I'm on your blog - I can't believe it!! Looking forward to you coming down our way...Everyone is getting excited!! See you real soon.


~Jamie said...

yeah I need all those 7 gypsy stamps! They are TOO cool!

Maggie said...

Kewl ideas on this blog and you have my fav colour. Happy antiquing

noell said...

Do you ever come to Arizona? We have a great little vintage scrapbooking shop in downtown Mesa that you would probably enjoy. It is actually two shops that open up to each other: one is an antique store, the other is vintage scrapbooking products. It's a great little place.

Lisa G said...

yummy yummy yummy I love vintage!

Jana said...

What fun eye candy! Hope you had some good luck yesterday. I've been itching to go antiquing too but unfortunately we don't have a ton of stores around here (actually that's probably a good thing for my sake!). I think we need to start hitting estate sales!

robyn said...

Hey Jen! I just wanted you to know that you inspire me so much! And Gina is just fabulous! Have a great week!

Cupcake said...

Hey Jennifer!
I can't wait to see how all this vintage treasures are going to inspire your next creation.
Thanks for pointing Gina out. LOVE her stuff.
And LOVE the hobnail glasses. I have a hobnail milk glass vase that I got from my mom. LOVE IT! I might have to go and fill it with some spring flowers.
Thanks for the fun eye candy!

Julie said...

LOVE that you love vintage stuff decor!! I'm hoping to use some of my jade-ite and azur-ite for bits a baubles!

Scrappersher said...

Love the Layout by Gina...looked at her site and I like the way she has used ribbon a few of her layouts.

Also I LOVE the 7Gypsies Certifiable stamps...where did you order some because I have been searching for the Observations one and can't find anyone that has that one in stock???

TracieClaiborne said...

You're makin' me want to go antiquing. Love all the pics!!!

Love that quote by Max Lucado too. He is one of my favorites.