Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Do you have this book? If not, you should.

Rebecca Sower's ideas for meaningful pages and journaling are just timeless. I pulled this book out again this evening and will keep it on my desk for a while. I am doing a little redirection and simplifying in my scrapbooking/photo world and I needed to look at this book again.

I recently read something on a blog that was very freeing. You know all of those boxes and stacks of photos that we have sitting around.... for what? So we can scrapbook them? We'll never get to them all...and our children are missing out on the opportunity to look at those photos. I love to see Noah looking at the scrapbook pages I've created. And honestly, the ones he spends the most time on are the ones with lots and lots of photos. He loves to look at photos of his family and friends...name names, recall specifics of an event. So today I bought 3 leather photo albums that each hold 200 4x6 photos. I'm going to fill them and write short captions next to some of the photos. I'll go thru them with Noah from time to time and ask him what he remembers about those photos...and I'll write that down, too. It's not all about the perfect scrapbook page anymore. It's about the memories that were made. Of course I'll still scrapbook. But now I feel free to scrapbook Life's Little Moments, those sweet, forgettable times that we think we'll remember, but don't. I love to scrapbook conversations, lists, short stories....and I'm going to focus more on those than on every single event. I can't wait. :)

Another passion....home. I am so excited about the opportunities to teach and share my home decor classes with others. Going somewhere to teach is seriously like a vacation for me. I don't consider it work at all. Sure, I'll be working, but teaching is a love of mine and a blessing in my life. Speaking of home...and Rebecca Sower....you need to see her newly done scrapbooking space. It is breathtaking and looks like my dream store to spend hours walking around in, looking in every corner. Her room makes me want to take over the guest room and close the door! :D

Teacher appreciation luncheon at Noah's school coming up this week. (they have one every month) Gotta bake 2 Toll House Pies tomorrow. Yum!

Don't forget to sign up for my free class giveaway on my previous blog entry. I'll draw a name on Thursday!


- Jennifer

"Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones. And when you have finished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake." - Victor Hugo


karen lopez said...

Jennifer....I've been working on that same kind of album and it's so much fun. My photo pile has gone way down and it feels good!

Ok.....I need to know what a Toll House pie is? A giant cookie? Sounds yummy! :)

Teresa WIlkins said...

Hi Jennifer,
I do the same with my photo's. My family thinks I am crazy to put all the pictures in an album, make a cd of each month (I even print a photo label for the cd) and then scrapbook some of the pictures! I am behind a couple of months with my albums with the new house, wedding and all the other obsticles life has thrown my way lately! LOL

I wish I lived close to you so I can take a class. Don't be surprised if I just fly down there sometime!


Linda said...

I love, love, love Rebecca Sower! There's something about the way she scraps with her whole heart that is very inspiring and appealing.

I am also planning to put photos in an album and not stressing about scrapping all of them!

Cupcake said...

What a great post and something I am going to keep in mind the next time I sit down with my scrapping stuff. I'm just going to do it for me - KWIM! Thanks for the reminder. Oh and I just love Rebecca Sowers. She rocks!

Jana said...

Yes I have that RS idea book and yes it's one of my very very faves. She is just such an inspiration in so many ways for me. I've done the same thing w/my extra photos....very freeing to weed out the ones that aren't quite scrap worthy.

Rebecca said...

What you said out having your photos out, in albums, and accessible is SO true! It hit home for me the other day when my daughter - who is two - wanted to go down to my studio to see "mommy's pictures." What a wake up call! So now I've made it my mission to sit down and share her scrapbooks with her more often AND to put our photos in albums that she can look at whenever she wants. So important... especially in the age of digital photography.

Anonymous said...

You know I just bought 3 albums the other day to finally put my pics in. I have 20 yrs. worth of photos and always felt like I had to keep them boxed until I finally "Scrapped" them. But my kids weren't enjoying them or ME!! What a freeing concept that it is okay not to have all the photos scrapped on the perfect paper with the perfect journaling and the perfect embellishments in a perfect official scrapbook. I can not WAIT to put them all in 2up albums and be set free!!! I am a big journaler so journaling will be added too.
I will scrap photos that I feel speak to me about our meaningful everyday moments. Thanks for echoing that it is OK even in the scrapbook world.
Would you be able to link the site that prompted you too?
Love your blog :o)

Heather said...

I bought 8 3 up albums at Super T this week to do the SJ LOM thing. I have 6-8 2 ups to, not completely done, but inspired by SJ as well. That article she had in SS several years ago . .. the one she based her CKU class on. I got through the first 6 months of my oldest's life in the matter of a few hours in one weekend. Still has rub-ons, ribbons, etc . . .but so much more simple than full out scrapbook pages.

Crafty P said...

Oh my goodness, you just reminded me about Toll house pie. yum yum!

I love your quotes at the end of your posts. Just had to tell you.

Rebecca Sower said...

Jennifer, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet words of encouragement. Your site is lovely!