Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Cool, two posts in 24 hours! :D

Just found out that Clay has a new album coming out in 12 days!
It's full of cheezy love songs that I probably would have turned off
back in the day that they were popular. (Richard Marx? Bleh.)
But if Clay is singing them, yay!
I dig his long haircut.
And I think it's funny we still say "a new album" is coming out.
Noah asked me one time what an album was.

Want some scrapbook room inspiration?
Elsie recently put up photos of her new space.
It's very HER and very cute!
Lots of personality.

And Nora Griffin. Wow, her little space is just paradise!
I want that libary card file cabinet.
I keep thinking that there must be lots of those
sitting in school district junk houses somewhere.
If they find out that scrapbookers want them
they could make a killing!

Tonight for dinner we are having Tilapia with Garlic Butter.
I'm also sprinkling some crushed almonds and
plain breadcrumbs on top, too. Yummy!

And for some fun, here is the part from the
American Idol finale last year where Clay
surprised the Clay wanna be dude.
SO funny. :D

Have a wonderful Wednesday/Thursday!
- Jennifer

"Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire? " - Corrie Ten Boom


Heather D. White said...

OMGOSH....I think I seriously just wet my pants. I died laughing the FIRST time I saw that live on TV. His reaction when he first sees Clay is PRICELESS! ROFLMHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL..and then her seriously starts SINGING with Clay! Oh help. LOL! I think they actually turned off his mike though. ROFLOL! Must say though...Clay's HAIR needs help that night. LOL! But oooh...gotta love him. LOL..thanks for sharing that with me tonight. I needed some serious giggles. Oh goodness.....I can't take it! SO HILARIOUS!

Jennifer said...

I love your quote today... Corrie Ten Boom is somebody I have a lot of respect for!

I can't wait to hear Clay's new album... LOL.. hadn't really thought much about calling them albums before though!

I added lots of garlic to the orange chicken the other day, and the whole family loved it... mmmm. I do love the recipes you post!

melissa said...

I crack up with that clip. whats so funny is that he keeps singing and Ryan Seacrest makes him sit down. lol

thanks for sharing the link to elsies studio pictures-I love her and everything she does

yum Tilapia-my grandma makes this :)

Heather said...

OMg I laughed so hard at that guy during the show! Laughed tonight too!! ;) Thanks!

courtney walsh said...

oh my gosh, do you really cook that kind of stuff every night?? I am SOOO jealous!! lol - I mean REAL meals... not boxed goods or frozen foods... wowza. I need to take some lessons from you!!

I am a HUGE clay fan too - LOVED him and he totally should've won AI. I loved seeing him on that finale show, but seriously - that dude tried to actually SING with him! I couldn't believe it.

Have a happy Saturday!!

courtney walsh said...

okay - i obviously didn't read your comments before posting. lol (since Heather and I said the SAME EXACT THING) about Mr. Clay wanna-be dude. hahah. It's late and I'm sleepy... sorry 'bout that!! :)

Peggy said...

Clay is coming to West Point at Christmas to sing Christmas songs I assume. Too bad you're not in NY, I bet it will be a great show.