Thursday, September 28, 2006



Is that subtle enough?
My sweet friend, Stacey Kingman, is in the FINAL ROUND
of the Scraps Ahoy Idol Contest!!
She rocks!
Her work is just gorgeous and you can see some of it right here.
And here. And here. And finally here.
God has really blessed her with an amazing talent.
And I want her to win! :D

So please....register to vote at Scraps Ahoy
and vote on FRIDAY! Friday is the only day to vote,
so I'll keep this blog post up until then. :D

Here is how you register (it's free and very easy):
Go to this area of Scraps Ahoy and register a username.
Once you are registered, you'll need to log in when it's time to vote.
When Friday comes, log in and vote HERE for Stacey!

Thank you, my friends. :D
Oh, and I made the banner of Stacey up there.
I wonder if she's laughing or beating her computer screen right now?
Love you, Stacey!

- Jennifer


Gretchen said...

Aren't you a sweet friend! The banner you made is cute! :-)

Kristi Smith said...

I saw Stacey's link and came on over and then went reading down your blog...I just got finished watching the whole AI concert clips...I am so mad I didn't go when they were in St. Louis...that looked like so much fun!!! Cute blog!

Shanna C said...

Jen, I'm one of your RMS partners...and a faithful reader of Stacey's blog. Had to come and see what you wrote about her. LOVE THE 'POSTER'!!! Hope she wins...her work is incredible.


melissa said...

what a fun banner-such a great friend :) I saw her layout(it rocks!) and I will definitely vote

Julie Ann said...

Good luck to Stacy!