Monday, September 18, 2006


Busy with a capital B! I am going on a scrapbooking retreat this weekend, so I have a million things to do. And I am just like my friend, Heather.
I leave meals in the freezer and clean clothes in the drawers for my family.
I can't help it!
So tomorrow I'm making a couple of meals and finishing laundry. :)

I'm pretty much finished preparing for the class I'm teaching, and have sets of photos
ready to scrapbook. I can't wait to have an entire weekend to play!

This photo is a travel mug that I jazzed up with Scenic Route papers and EK Success rub-on letters. (it spells my entire name all the way around) I love red, white, cream, and black together.

Noah started an official "Responsibilities" chart this week. Each day he has 3 morning tasks and 3 evening tasks, all of which are personal grooming and responsiblity, such as washing his face, brushing his teeth, and picking up his toys. He also has one "help the family" task each day - setting the table, using a Swiffer on the wood floors, and even using Clorox wipes to wipe down 2 of the toilets in the house. He's also going to get an allowance, but that won't be related to the Responsibilities chart. We want him to know that as a member of the family he has certain tasks, as we all do, and his reward will be to see the star stickers and to know that he CONTRIBUTED as a family member. (and of course, he'll get LOTS of praise) The allowance will be to help him practice saving money for things he wants and to see the value of saving and spending his own money.

Noah also started Tiger Cubs this past week, with his Dad being a co-leader. It's so much fun to see them involved in this together. Growing up in a family of all sisters, we didn't experience boy scouts or any boy activities at all. So I'm having fun learning all of this for the first time. One of the joys of seeing Noah grow has been all of the new experiences and activities he's enjoying. When I look at him sleeping or feel him quietly crawl up on our bed early in the morning, I still think of him as my baby just for a little while. And as long as he wants to snuggle, I'll let him! I know it won't last forever. :)

At night we usually turn on a really soft playing CD as he goes to sleep, and my favorite CD to play for him is one he's had since he was born. It's called Butterfly Kisses and Bedtime Prayers and is full of precious songs. My favorite, the first song, is called "Jesus Is Awake." (you can hear a sample of it on the link above) I love the lyrics... they say, "close your eyes, drift away...there's no need to be afraid. The whole world may be fast asleep, but Jesus is awake." What a comforting truth for all of us. :)



"Every evening I turn my troubles over to God - He's going to be up all night anyway." - Donald J. Morgan


Teresa Wilkins said...

Oh, Tiger Cubs! I remember the days. When Justin (my oldest) was in K my husband took him to the orgazional meeting and came home with news for me. He signed me up as the leader! LOL Was quite and exciting year. The Pinewood Derby was the highlight of the year. He won and placed 2nd in the district. My other two also placed when it was their year in Tiger Cubs. You are in for a treat!


Marcie said...

Jennifer, Where did you get the travel mug to jazz up, it's adorable! I'm thinkin' teacher gifts...Thanks for posting that picture.

Heather said...

A kindred spirit we are! ;) Have a wonderful time on your trip! :)

Becky said...

Hi Jennnifer - I continute to enjoy your blog and feel as though I know you even though we haven't met! I was the one whose family was at Disney the same time as yours! Anyway...I read about your freezer meals. Would you have any recipes that you would share or any good websites for freezer cooking. I'm really intrigued with this idea and would love to have some tried-and-true recipes that I could start with. Thanks! Becky M.

Sarah said...

YEAH! A post!!! I've been checking in and was getting ready to send something rather harassing your way- but lo and behold!!! A post!

My kidlets have started working on a daily chore chart as well. It's going great! Congrats to Noah on being such a good helper!!

LOVE your travel mug! SO cute!

Have a good day!