Friday, July 07, 2006


I LOVE TEACHING. Boy, it felt nice to be back in the saddle again last night. :) I hadn't taught a scrapbooking class in quite a while and last night I taught my "Happiness Is..." album class. (will teach it again on Saturday) What an AWESOME group of ladies! (hi, everyone!) We had a blast and I absolutely LOVED watching everyone create. It was wonderful how open they were to creativity and going out on their own to add their own personality to the book. And along with most things in learn from your mistakes. I waaaaaaaaaaay underestimated the time it would take for the class. I had two hours, had wanted two and a half, and it took us a little over 3 hours to complete it! Yikes. They were SO SWEET about it, though, and not one person complained. (I think I apologized about 30 times, lol) Some people said they'd stay even later if they could! So that made me feel good. :D So for Saturday's class I've already started making some modifications. (doing most of the punching out FOR them, cutting some of the pieces, etc.) I usually don't like to do the cutting for the students simply because I like for them to change things up if they like. But this project is flexible enough that they will still be able to do so. I can't wait to do it again! :)

And a special "thank you" to my friend Carla who came all the way from San Antonio to take this class. You are so sweet, Carla, and that meant so much to me. :) It was wonderful to see you!

Noah is going to a friend's house today to swim and eat BBQ'ed hot dogs. Last year Noah wasn't too comfortable in the water, so it wasn't very fun to get in the pool and he'd cling to me the entire time. This year he loves it and swims like a fish! We go swimming probably 4-5 times a week and I'm enjoying it so much! One of the joys of him getting older. :) And of being a stay-at-home Mom, hanging out with my son. I'm so thankful that we made that choice.

Have a sweet weekend!
- Jennifer

"Your greatest pleasure is that which rebounds from hearts that you have made glad." - Henry Ward Beecher


Tracy said...

glad to hear that your class went well - sounds fun. : )

Cathy said...

I'm sure everyone had a great time at your class. Someone that enjoys teaching like you do - it just rubs off on others. I'll bet they were thrilled they got to spend that much time in class!

Cari said...

SOunds like you had a great time! I'm glad that you enjoyed it so much too!
Have fun tomorrow! I'd love to take one of your classes, too! ;)

Carla said...

Wow, I've hit the big time -- mentioned by name in Jennifer's blog!! ;) Jennifer, it was wonderful to see you, and the class was FAN-tastic! You are just a joy to be around. Hope to see you again soon!

Robin Olson said...

Jennifer -

The class was so much fun! You are so creative and a wonderful teacher!!! I had a blast.

I hope that you can teach more classes @ SC in the future!!!!!


Jana said...

Carla came to your class? Cool! Wish I would've known about it and I would've hitched a ride with her. :-)

Lamech said...

Folks I recommend you get in while the gettin's good. It won't be long before Jenny's classes will cost $100 per person and you'll have to come to our house to take them.