Thursday, June 29, 2006


So, I guess I'm not so mean after all. Sometimes I know what I'm talking about! And I know my Mom is going to read this and laugh. :D

If Noah is with me when I grocery shop...and he sees the KoolAid section...he always asks for it. And I always say no. It's junk! I never get it. Just colored, flavored sugar...and really doesn't taste that great. But that fun packaging, the bright colors made him want it even more. So this last time I gave in. I thought, "I'll let him taste it and see that it's not so great." So 20 cents and a cup of sugar later, I make the Kool Aid today for him to have with lunch. (he chose orange, which by the way will make a GREAT scrapbook page since Orange is a hot color right now...LOL!) He took one sip, sort of made a face. Then took another sip and said, "Mommy, I don't like this." So, no more Kool-Aid arguments. :D

The reason I said my Mom would laugh is because I remember doing the SAME thing to her about anything sugary. Of course every once in a while we got junk food, especially if DAD did the grocery shopping, haha. But we didn't have Super Sugar Crisp (what they called it back then) or Cookie Crisp in the pantry on a regular basis. And now it's the same here. One time in preschool Noah told his teacher "I had Cocoa Puffs for breakfast!" She said, "oh, yum! Don't you like how it turns your milk chocolate?" Noah said, "it doesn't." She told me about it later and I laughed because Noah had Whole Foods "cocoa puffs," which don't result in chocolate milk. ha :D

Thank you to my sweet Mom for saying NO so many times and for teaching me yet something else about being a good, and sometimes "unpopular" Mom. :D

Don't get me wrong....we love sweets. I just choose not to stock the house with them on a consistent basis. And I love that Noah absolutely ADORES fresh fruit. I can't keep enough of it in the house. And that makes me feel good. :)

Baseball tonight...God bless you! :D
- Jennifer

"Strength, rest, guidance, grace, help, sympathy, love - all from God to us!! What a list of blessings!"
-E. Stenbock


Kellie said...

I love it, Jen!! lol We all have done that to our mothers only to find out later they were right. I am the same way now with my kids...and they have to learn the "hard" way sometimes. It really will make a cute scrapbook page. Did you get a picture of him actually drinking it and making that face??? hee hee

Jennifer said...

I love seeing my kids' "aha" moments! And what a cheap lesson to learn! :0)

Isn't orange just one of the best colors ever??? I could be alone in that opinion, but it is still what I think... LOL... have fun scrapping the layout!

Chiara said...

so much like my mom LOL. My kid won't drink Koolaid or regular soda or chocolate milk all too sweet. She prefers diet.

Sheila said...

LOL. Good for you. You know, that backfired on us. Turns out our two-year-old likes coffee.... and beer. :P LOL.