Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I can't tell you how happy I am for Taylor Hicks, the newest American Idol winner! I remember watching him in the auditions and my husband and I saying, "WOW! He is going to go far!" He's been my #1 pick all along, so I'm just thrilled for him. I can't wait to see interviews in the next few days and hear from him and his family! Katherine was very gracious and I know she'll have a great career as well.

The finale was really great! Very entertaining, minus a few weird parts. First...Toni Braxton singing with Taylor. Is she a man? Seriously. She is...strange. I was hoping he'd get to sing with someone he really admired, like Chris did. And I sure was hoping to see Bono step out and sing with Elliott, ha. I think my favorite duet was Paris/Al Jarreau. He is great and she was just a natural with him.

My FAVORITE part of the entire show (besides Taylor winning) was when the Clay Aiken wannabe started singing and then Clay came out! That was priceless! I thought that other guy would wet his pants! And then he seriously joined in with Clay...too funny. :) Yes, Clay looked strange with his hair like that, but I still love him!

Chris singing with Live was pretty cool. You can tell he just loves them! Good for him :)

Sorry, I didn't care for the Prince appearance. We were letting Noah watch the entire show until he came out. Just not really appropriate for a 6-year old. I sure love our TIVO with the pause and fast-forward feature. :)

And yes, we're gonna have to listen to "Do I Make You Proud?" over....and over....and over. But that's's Taylor! Heck, he'll probably even add harmonica to it soon, ha. :)

And I don't have a photo of it, but did you see when they showed David Hasselhoff crying after Taylor won? That was a HOOT!! Poor know it's gonna be all over the net.

And the best thing is that they just added AUSTIN to the American Idol tour schedule! **EDIT: Got our tickets!!! Floor seats! Here is the seating chart showing where our tickets are in relation to the stage (circled):

SOUL PATROL! And that is my Idol blog post.
- Jennifer :)


shirley said...

I missed the show. Thanks for the photos and updates!! Go Taylor!!

Tania said...

Pleased you choice won , we edidnt get americal idol in Aus this time I dont think.

Becca said...

Sooooooooooo happy for Taylor--he wasn't my top pick in the beginning (I really thought it would be Chris and Kat) but I'm really pleased for him. I think he'll do well in the industry and use his celebrity for good.

And what the heck was up with Clay's hair? Doesn't he like to be able to see periodically?


melissa said...

yay taylor! thanks for all the great pictures :) and what the heck is up with Clay's new look..I didn't even recognize him at first

Kim said...

Great Show! I was hoping Taylor would win when it came down to him and Kat. Loved Clay! I like how is just "himself" and doesn't try to be anything else. He has been the only Idol that I bought a CD of. I think I am going to listen to it. Of course, I will buy Taylor's as soon as it comes out!

Anonymous said...

It was
Taylor has been my #1 pick this entire time too.
LOL! about Toni Braxton, I thought the same thing.
I had to rewind and watch David Hasselholf, THAT was funny!
The Clay Akin think cracked me up because I didn't even recognize him when he came out on stage.
I watched the finale later (Tivo ROCKS!) so it cut off after Taylor yelled Soul Patrol. I had to find the rest online this morning. AWESOME!!!

Adrienne said...

It was a GREAT show last night!!!

tabitha Jones said...

loved the show Love Taylor!!! and yes, could Toni B. really be a man? LOL I thought she was doing a milli vanilli (lip synch)

Adrienne said...

It was a FANTASTIC show!

Jana said...

Those ARE great pics! It sure was fun chatting with you while watching the show last night. Yea for my new laptop!!

sophiacorbridge said...

Jen, I was thrilled, too, for Taylor! ThRILLED! The first thing I did when Ryan announced that they'd added 15 new concerts. Noticed that Texas had four and thought of you. SLC didn't get put back on the list. I'd so been hoping that they would! DANG! Denver is as close as they'll come and 16 hours of driving, plus a night in a hotel is a little more than my Idol enthusiasm will allow! Sadness! I will look forward to reading about your experience! If the show was any indicator, it will be the best Idol tour yet! Have a great day!


Sofia said...

What a great finale! I'm so happy for Tayolor too!

LOL about the Clay wanna be! I wrote almost exactly the same thing you did on my blog.

What did you think about the Kat and Meatloaf duet? I thought it was kinda creepy.

Sheila said...

I didn't watch AI, but he was the one I was rooting for. He just cracked me up with his spastic moves. LOL. And he has such soul in his voice. Yeah Taylor!

Jackie Pettit said...

How fun you got tickets! I am jealous!

Jennifer said...

I was thinking of you when he won!! I really enjoyed this finale, except for the Prince appearance.

I love the pics of the boys playing in the water!

StaceyKingman said...

Wow, Jen! You have FUN at that concert!!!!

TracieClaiborne said...

I'm so jealous that you're going to the concert and those seats rock!!! Wow! Thank you for posting these pics. I missed the show and I had heard all the comments about Clay's hair. If not for you, I'd never "get it."

Heather said...

Jealous! Looked at Grand Prairie seats. . and they were nosebleeders. @@

I love Taylor too! He and Mandesa were my favorites.

David Hasselhoff . . .what's up with that man? Between the crying and Dirk being "his" player . . .I think he's trying to make a comeback. tehehe