Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Tuesday Update (original title, huh?)

Went right away to Target this morning after I dropped Noah off at school and picked up this movie. We are going to watch it after school together. :) We saw it in the theater...completely amazing movie. Noah's excited! Yes, I got the special edition 2-disc set. It was only $10 more and has so much cool stuff on it.

American Idol tonight! Yippee! Country music night....makes me kind of chuckle thinking of some of them doing country music. I sure hope Chris will try a different style this week. His rock stuff is good but it's kind of working against him now, sort of portraying that he's not capable of singing other "styles." I know he probably can, he just needs to do it. Pickle girl and Bucky will do well, I guess. Can't wait to see what Ace and Taylor do for this theme....

Ok yes, so I haven't shared my news. I'm sorry!! I'm waiting on some positive confirmation from someone...but it has to do with a big design team. I'll post again when I hear something...hopefully today!

I got this Mini Canvas Messenger Bag today at Target for our Disney/Universal trip....cute, huh? Actually, the one I got is THIS one, but I got it in this pink color. . I'm so NOT doing the fanny pack thing, so this will be cute and let me carry a water bottle, camera, money, etc. and still hold on to it while I ride...and it's not huge. And of course, pink. :)
Oh, and I saw black velvet letter stickers (Making Memories Simply Fabulous font) at Target, too. Also had them in pink and white. Really cute.

I'm so excited....a friend of mine is opening a brand new scrapbook store in Arkansas! She is perfect for this and I just know she'll be such a success. :) (Hi, T!) I think I'm going to be going to her store for a weekend retreat and classes in late October or early November! I'll be teaching along with some other scrapbooking friends and teammates from CKU-Teachers. I cannot WAIT!

Tonight for dinner we are having Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry, a recipe I found in Everyday Food. (I am adding red peppers and mushrooms) Noah and David both love Chinese food...and I especially love that Noah likes to eat healthy food like this. He's always LOVED broccoli, asparagus, green beans, really any fruit or vegetable except onions. What a blessing! I made his baby food when he was little so he's always had what we were eating. I think that helped!

I'll update later! :)
- Jennifer

"God created us to have needs, not counting them as sinful or selfish. Without them, we'd have no way of knowing our need for God or how much He loves us." - Anonymous


Kellie said...

OK...I am liking the bag, Jen. That would be great to take on our trip to Pennsylvania this summer. Do you think it is big enough to hold a 35 mm digital??lol I used a backpack in Washington last year. I saw it is sold out online but you got yours from the store, didn't you?

Your supper sounds delish...wanna come to my house? I never cook anymore. lol

Jana said...

I think that Ace & Chris actually did really well tonight on AI, can't say the same for Taylor though....just didn't "feel" him dawg! I can't wait to hear more about this DT gig and your new pink bag is perfect for Disney. :-)

Erin said...

Can't wait till we hear your big news, Jen! I wish you could come visit me on your Disney trip- I'm only an hour away!!

Shell said...

LOVE that messenger bag, Jen! And I just read about your big secret toot @ 2Peas - can't wait to find out more!

Jen said...

gosh- love your quotes!!

Kell said...

Oh oh oh, we got Narnia at our Walmart for.....15 bucks!!!! We watched it as soon as we got home, I loved it. Awesome movie! Now I want to read the books!