Monday, March 13, 2006

American Idol Fever!

Why is it that I love this show SO MUCH!?? I can't wait until it's on every week! And now I'm disappointed that it's only 2 nights a week instead of 3, haha. My favorites this year are Taylor, Chris, Mandisa, Paris, and Ace. (Ace not so much for his voice as the others!) Taylor, though, is the one who I can't WAIT to see each week. He's fun to watch, has an incredible voice, and you just never know what he'll do! I think that was a big appeal of Constantine last year. He was so different. He was entertaining, had a great voice, and well, he was my favorite. I still like him the best. :) He's coming out with a new CD soon and it's going to be all romantic standards and love songs. Woohoo! He's perfect for that. I have most of his songs from last season on my Ipod and My Funny Valentine is my favorite. :) Constantine fans...shout out! (lol)

(click on the photo to see a really fun 7 minute question and answer video interview with Constantine!)

Speaking of Idol Music, there is a GREAT, free website you can join that has all of the mp3 songs from each week's Idol shows. I have all of the Taylor and Chris songs from this season and some select songs from the other contestants. I just save them on my computer (right-click on the links that come up on the forum) in mp3 format. Then I put them in my Itunes program and can load them onto my Ipod! Fun :) Here is the free website: Idol Forever. Once you register, just click on FORUM on the left, then on the board with "MP3s" in the title. Once you find the link for a song you want to save, just right-click on it and save it to your computer. I save mine on the desktop in an American Idol Songs folder. Easy to find. :) This is how I got all of Constantine's songs from last year, along with lots of Bo, Anwar, and others. Love it!

Ok, a couple of quick links for recipes. Tonight I'm making Honey Mustard Pork Scallopine, Homemade Mac & Cheese, Steamed Broccoli and fresh strawberries. Instead of typing out the recipes I've just linked them here. :) (you can lower the fat in the recipes. I'm going to use lowfat ingredients where I can!)

SCRAPBOOKERS! You need to check out Heather Preckel's blog. She and her sister own the company A2Z Essentials....completely gorgeous stuff. She is giving away two boxes of A2Z stuff today, so choose a number 0-1001, post a comment and your number on her blog and see if you win! :)

Have an AWESOME day! If you didn't get to see them, be sure to check out the rub-ons that I used on my bathroom mirror. (blog post below) So fun!

- Jennifer

"God speaks to us through our desires, then as we lay them at His feet, He helps us sort them out and quiets our hearts to accept what He has already prepared." - Rosalind Rinker


Allison said...

Jenny I didn't even see your bathroom! It's so cute!! MMmmm dinner sounds good---can I come? haha J/k I've already cooked! I will have to disagree with you about Ace---he is a GOOOOOD singer and that is REALLY the only reason I like him!....ahem....Anyway, when he sang "Butterflies" last week, sheesh that was great! Go to and you can watch any of their performances. Look up their names and you'll find 'em.

Heather D. White said...

Oooh...we have almost all the same faves!!!!! YAY! Gotta love AI! Oooh..the Mustard Pork Scallopine sounds delish! Did you order one of the Pubster Cookbooks on 2peas? There are some KILLER recipes in that!!!

Jana said...

Thanks for all the AI goodies and the tip on Heather's contest!! I love me some Constantine.

Carol said...

We are just as addicted to AI at our house as you are at yours. This was a hard week for some of the good ones. It is a good thing it isn't on every night. I wouldn't ever get anything done. Have a wonderful Wednesday.