Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Spring Pink and the beginning of March...

Ok, Fall and Christmas are my favorite times of year. But I must admit when I see the Easter decorations out in the stores I get excited! I love pastel pink, robin egg blue, pale yellow, crisp white, all the beautiful colors of Spring and Easter. While I was in Target today I saw SO MUCH pink! It inspired me and since I already have a lot of pink accessories and bathroom items, I decided to update my half-bath to pink/white/shabby chic :) I'll be doing that tomorrow and will post pictures. (I even have some Heidi Swapp white rub-on swirlies, words, paisleys, etc. that I may use on the mirror) I have an "empty canvas" half-bath downstairs that I change with the seasons. It has a double white shelf cabinet in it, a white pedestal sink, antique white walls, white trim, and a big mirror. Right now it's decorated in Valentine's Day decor...all pink, white, and red. I love having this little space to change quite often. It sort of fulfills that need in me to rearrange! That way I don't have to do big rooms like the living room or master bedroom. :) (David appreciates that, too!)

Pictured above is our kitchen table. I found this precious little glass vase with blush pink, cream, and white roses at Target. The roses are fake but look SO real! It's just beautiful on the table and goes so well with the scalloped brown and pink rose placemats. Love just the little touch of pink it adds. (the placemats are not from Target but are from a little primitive store near my house)

Today, March 1st, would have been my Dad's 72nd birthday. One year ago today we buried him with military honors. I know he was SO proud of that ceremony. I miss him so much but would much rather he have been in Heaven for a year than suffering and in pain from lung cancer here on earth with us. Noah asked me if they'd have a birthday party for him in Heaven today. :) Here are some photos from one year ago today:

Noah and one of his cousins next to Grandpa's flag-draped casket

Noah and two of his cousins looking out at the cemetery

And here is a layout I made about my Dad, about a month after he passed away. It's called "The You I Never Knew" and it's about how proud I was at his burial of his military service to our country. You can read the journaling here. (Mom, I love you and I hope this blog entry doesn't make you cry!)

Wow, thank you SO much for all of the nice emails about my scrapbooking space in the March issue of CK! I am always happy to answer questions about it, too, so please feel free to email me anytime. Now...if anyone has any great leads for me in the scrapbooking industry, organization-wise, let me know! :)

OK.....AMERICAN IDOL! I gotta say that I'm not tooooo crazy about any of the girls. I think Paris is adorable and she is probably my favorite one of the girls. And I love Mandisa and Katherine. But none of the others really impresses me too much. Sadly I think a lot of them are very forgettable. And the song choices tonight just STUNK. I'm all about the male singers this year! So tomorrow should be fun :) TAYLOR, CHRIS and ACE all the way!! I ordered Taylor's CD that he already has out. It's a surprise!

I'm off to bed for the evening. Have a blessed day! :) (and Heather tagged me, but I'll do it on my next entry) :P


"Happiness depends on happenings; joy depends on Christ." - Anonymous


Becca said...

My grandpa died on February 23rd, too.

Love the pictures--love the layout--love the journaling.

Thanks for sharing this!


Jennifer said...

The roses are very realistic! Pretty!

My condolences. What very touching photos. What a sweet question Noah had!

I agree.. the gals on AI aren't much to fawn over this year, but the guys are blowing me away. David sang Bon Jovi and won me over forever! LOL

Gwyn said...

Jen, I thought those flowers WERE real!
And those photos of your son and nephews are so touching. You have honored your father's memory well with that wonderful layout. I hope you enjoy memories of good times on this anniversary date.

Wendy Reed (WendyReedPEA) said...

WOW girl, what a beautiful entry!! Pictures to cherish for sure.

ps. love your banner!

Diana said...

Wow Jennifer. Your journaling is so heartfelt. I cried all through it. Of course as you know we share the loss of our Dad's. I just found a picture of Dad in Junior High the other day and I want to scrap that soon. Thank you for sharing your Dad with us. {{{HUGS}}}

Lorrie said...

I loved reading your blog. The part about your father was very touching.
I like spring too! Sunday our temp was in the teens... tomorrow is suppose to be about 72!!!! CRAZY!! Have a great day!

SageHen said...

Your entry made me cry, and I don't even know your dad. But I know of him. My father, a WWII vet died more than 11 years ago and I still miss him like crazy.

Gretchen said...

Happy BIRTHDAY to Jens Daddy! :) Im sure he is SOOOO proud of you and everyone in the family. Youve done a beautiful job of remembering him and paying tribute to his life! Love ya! HUGS! :)

Gretchen said...

ok I commented before reading the journaling on your page! I felt SUCH pride when the folded flag was handed to Papaw's wife, Carol last fall! And the 21 gun salute! WOW! ;)

SteveandHeather said...

Happy Birthday to your father. I also have much pride in those who serve our country. My father also spent most of his life serving our country in the Air Force. It takes a special person to sacrifice so much - and your father was one of them!

Love your blog! I met you for the first time two years ago (I think) when I traveled down to SA from Dallas for the 2Peas crop that Rita put on. I came with Teresa! SO much has changed since then, but the memory of the awesome shadow box project you made Rita remains in my mind. You are an awesome designer!

Amy Sorensen said...

LOVE the pink flowers...I agree, the spring colors always make me happy!

Kellie said...

I loved your journaling on your Daddy's page. It brought tears to my eyes. I can't believe it has been a year.

Glad you blogged again...I was missing it!! I check it everyday. lol

Sherri said...

Wonderful page about your Dad! I miss mine also. He died 10 years ago. Was a Navy man and had the flag. I thought of him the minute I saw your pictures. Happy thoughts, thank you.
Sherri S

Heather D. White said...

What a wonderful tribute to your father. Love the page and your heartfelt journaling. You are awesome.

THE AI girls ARE really crummy, aren't they!? WOW...yesterday was HORRIBLE!!!! It's GOTTA be a guy this season!

I absolutely LOVE the vase and roses. My gosh...I totally thought they were real. SO VERY COOL. A Target JUST opened LAST NIGHT less than a mile from my house. YAY! I'll have to check it out for these roses! LOVE EM!!!

So happy you posted today! I was having serious Jenn withdrawals!!!

Sophia said...

A beautiful tribute to your father, Jen. I love the layout, love the memories and there is nothing more beautiful than a military tribute at a memorial.

Love the decor! My bathroom is brown with white accents and the pink would be beautimous! Love the idea! AND my hubby loves that I keep our bedroom more masculine for his taste (and besides that, I'd have to hurt him if he got a light colored bedspread dirty!)

Great post!


Anonymous said...

Jennifer, Yup a tissue alert should have been posted. Glad I checked your blog today (as I do daily ! lol) A beautiful tribute to your dad, I know you miss him terribly. Thanks for sharing a LQQK into the past.


misty2day said...

I woke up this morning and checked your blog . . . I came across it some time ago and now it's one of my favorites. Love your quotes at the end of each of your posts - truly inspiring.
On March 7 will be three years since my dad passed away from lung cancer. I miss my dad too, it's unbelievable that it's been three years, it still hurts like it was yesterday. My dad was also buried with full military honors and it's amazaing the sense of pride you feel for your parent when you experience that type of ceremony in honor of them! Thanks so much for sharing your story, and stories. Love your blog so much.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful uplifting message to read. You are such a special special daughter. I love you with all of my heart.
Your Mommy

Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

i just got the march issue jennifer! cool! what do u store stamps in? MM or Wendi Speciale... either way... I am such a messy scrapper compared to you... LOL.
I showed my hubby your CK article. I said- hey I like this girl! Feels like I know her even though I've never actually met her irl! LOL
I'm excited about the guys Idol this time also. I agree that the ladies may not be quite as exciting. Maybe they'll suprise us!
Enjoyed reading about your dad. : )
Have a great weekend Jennifer!