Friday, October 14, 2005

good things.

(Just some of my Fall decor on my kitchen bar counter)

GLITTER PUMPKINS. I am SO making these for my Thanksgiving table. I remember seeing them on Martha Stewart's daytime show a few years ago and thought they were so gorgeous. This year we are hosting the entire family for Thanksgiving and I was wondering what I'd do for table decor. This is it. I saw them being made this morning on Martha's new show and fell in love with them again. How cool is this?? Small pumpkins coated in clear-drying glue sprinkled with gorgeous fine glitter. I already have the table visually planned with lots of glittery orange, copper, red, gold, and muted green.

I went to Tuesday Morning today and just walked around, browsing and being inspired. Lately I've wanted a notebook just to jot down ideas. Ideas about everything! Decorating inspirations, recipe ideas, scrapbook page ideas...just anything I'd like to remember for later reference. So I bought myself a $7.00 journal that has a leather "belt" around the front with a silver buckle. It's adorable! I'm going to alter it, leaving the buckle and belt, and of course adding lots of red to it. (I'll post a picture of it when I'm finished.) I want to have tabbed dividers for all of the different areas of my life for which I may be inspired - cooking, decorating, homekeeping, my relationship with the Lord, holidays, gifts, scrapbooking, product design, parenting....the list could go on and on. I'll just play with it...see where it goes.

And speaking of Martha Stewart....I like her. I know a lot of people can't stand her, but I think she's great. I love her magazine, her recipes, looking at her ideas. I fold my towels the Martha way and it WORKS. There really is no one else like her with ideas in such a wide variety of subject areas. Yes, a lot of what she does is not practical, but what's inspiring about practical? I sure wouldn't buy a magazine or watch a show full of things that I could think of myself. :) Oh...and I love The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. That and the Donald Trump version are my two favorite shows!

And sticking with the "Martha" theme today, I love to cook. I love to give the gift of food to others. My son's school had a teacher inservice day on Wednesday. I volunteered to take two breakfast items up to the school at 7:30 a.m. Sure I could have picked up a box of Krispy Kremes or some Einstein Bros. bagels. But I LOVE the opportunity to cook for a crowd, so I thought I'd spoil the teachers. Having been a first grade teacher myself, I know the value of parental time and service. And now that I'm the parent I feel I owe it to Noah's teachers to let them know how valuable they are to us. So I got up at 5:30 a.m. and made two really wonderful breakfast dishes. I say that because I've made them before and they ARE delicious. Not because they were my idea :) Both recipes are from Bed and Breakfast Inns Online, one of my favorite recipe sites. Farmer's Casserole and Baked Orange Walnut French Toast were on the table for the teachers Wednesday morning. It's not much, but it's just my personal way of saying "we appreciate all that you do for our children." I have finally learned that it's very satisfying to use the talents that God gave me to bring joy to others. I'll cook or scrapbook for you, but I sure won't be serenading you. :)

I bought some more fun *bling* the other day. These fun new rhinestone flower brads at Joann's Crafts. I'd been looking for flatback rhinestone flowers (and would still prefer them if someone knows where to get some!) but these brads are pretty darn cool, too. Hey a rhinestone pumpkin might be neat.... *smirk*

Here's my latest guiltless indulgence....oh it is GOOD. The chocolate raspberry is heavenly as well. I eat lots of yogurt and this makes it even more fun.

Well, you can add a new title to my resume: Asthmatic. I went to the pulmonologist on Wednesday and was diagnosed as an asthmatic since all of my coughing and wheezing came back. So now I'm on Advair full-time, the albuterol inhaler daily, and my extra-strength nebulizer machine as needed. I'm really very thankful for such competent doctors and for the blessing of medicine to treat this. The feeling of not being able to breathe is very scary, but God has a reason for this in my life. The asthma isn't constant and the symptoms will come and go. So I'll be just fine and God will give me the strength I need. Any asthmatics out there with any words of wisdom? :)

This is turning out to be a really long entry. I better close for now. Thanks so much for reading. :) I'll have some fun photos to share next week from a pumpkin patch/farm field trip and a day trip to Sea World!

"Anything big enough to occupy our minds is big enough to hang a prayer on." - George Macdonald


Miss Carrie said...

That breakfast sounds delicious...I'll be right over! Just kidding. You sound like a Martha Jr. in the making!!!

Hanni said...

I can't wait to see those glitter pumpkins! Cause you *will* post a pic of them when you are finished, right? they sound so pretty!

Jana said...

Have fun when you come over my way to Sea World! It's one of my boys' fave places to go too. I'm sure the teachers just think you're the cat's meow (if they didn't already!) for cooking them that yummy breakfast. Little things mean SO much to them, as you know! OH, and I love Tuesday Morning also...did they have any of the Lil Davis scrap stuff at yours?

kelly edgerton said...

Why does it not surprise me that you are a Martha fan? Jennifer, my dear, you could be Martha. That is you, only you just can't see it in yourself. You are everything homey and good and comfortable. I love that about you!

Now, about the Advair, I'm so glad that you will be taking that daily. I am hoping that it makes a huge difference for you. Once my son started the daily Advair routine, his life changed around and he has been healthier than ever before. I am thankful for the scientists who develop these life changing drugs... drugs that make the difference in quality of living. HUGS to you, my dear, special friend. I can't wait to see a picture of your glitter pumpkins. Those are going to be perfect for your centerpiece.

stephanie said...

You have been busy!
And I am glad to know that your asthma will hopefully get under control for you.

Martha's one of my all-time favorites too. She is such a wise person (ok, so maybe she did not make the best choices a year ago...) and very talented.
Did you know she has 3 DVD's out???
So excited to see that!

I've made the Farmer's Market Omlette Casserole before, out of a Southern Living cookbook and it was delicious. Thanks for the links!


Heather D. White said...

Oooh...I agree with all of your GOOD THINGS today! LOVE THEM! And as for the Chocolate Mousse...what the heck??? I have NEVER seen that before! Is it just by the regular yogurts??? Mmmm....I definitely need to track that down!!!

Maureen said...

Gosh I wish I could hang out with you for a day or two! Maybe your gift of hospitality would rub off on me! yes, I'd be the mom who brought the donuts. . . :)

Sophia said...

Oh, I do love this post! It's a good thing! All but the part about the asthma! I really enjoy Martha too! Anyone with that much creativity can't be all bad! Gee, after this post, I'm feeling like I've just watched the show! Love the pumpkins! love the breakfast menu! Especially Love the idea book! Have a great day!


Diana said...

YUM I can't wait to try your recipes on my family. So far they have liked everything I tried. I am like you and brought the homebaked goodies. I just made 4 dozen muffins for my DD's High School Art Club breakfast. Their friends love to come to my house because I cook. I am so amazed at how many Mom's feed Micro-Food for dinner. I normally feed the 5 us us but we seem to have anywhere form 1-5 guests on the weekends. For me Childcare or Cooking are my 2 ways to serve people. I like alot of Martha Stewart also. Like Kelly said above you are so homey. I need to come for a day also. We can have a Jennifer Stewart Day.

Mary Jo said...

Lots of great stuff on your entry today (although sorry about the asthma, but you have such a positive outlook!) Love the recipe site!!