Monday, August 22, 2005

Fun, Silly Day :)

Today is Noah's last day not to be in Kindergarten, so we are gonna live it up! :) We're going (for a 2nd time) to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today, out to lunch, then probably to Toys R Us to play around. We're taking his cousin, Luke (and best friend) with us so the two of them will have a ball. I'll post again tomorrow with movie and outing pictures and pictures of Noah's first day of Kindergarten . And a new recipe. :)

Have a great day...God is awesome! :)
- Jennifer


Rori said...

Jennifer Hey girl! OMG I remember the day when my boys started Kindergarten...I was so sad to see them go off and walk out of the school without them:( I didn't know what to do with the day. LOL
Now...let me tell you, I could find alot to do!
I will have to check back and see the pics of his last day of freedom. My kids don't start until Sept 6! Big difference there huh!
Oh cool I just saw a 24hr vegas wed cam you got I will have to check that too!
And the recipes...OMG when do you find the time? I haven't baked in so long...I miss it! We found out that my husband and kids are allergic to so many things. Flour, wheat, gluten, chocolate, egg yolks (one kid) and the other to egg whites...hehehe that one works out well when frying an egg though! And numerous other things so I have no idea how or what to make anymore. Very tough! I am looking for a bread recipe made without any of the above mentioned items if you come across any?!
Thanks for writing the recipes though. I could make something for a gathering.;)

afp763389 said...

... :)

stephanie said...

Hey! There you are-I saved your blog to my favorites and somehow kept getting your July posts. Was beginning to think you had stopped posting! :)
I just sent Emma off to preschool last week, so I know how you feel!
I'm off to read for a bit and glad to know your blog wasn't lost for good! Have fun at the movies-enjoy some popcorn for us!

Heather said...

waiting to hear how the first day of K went.

As for Stephanie's thing. . . don't know what it is with blogspot. .. but randomly does that with different people's blogs. I've gotten to just clicking their "home" link, just in case, if it doesn't look like they've updated in awhile.